C3 multi-currency online wallet will allow users to hold cryptocurrencies, monitor current balance, easily send and receive digital currencies, perform all common transactions, like payment, transfer, etc. The customers will be able to operate with cryptocurrencies like they currently do with fiat currencies. It will be easy and secure

Secure wallet

Store cryptocurrencies and traditional currencies secure in C3 mobile wallet

Instant exchange

Exchange cryptocurrency for the currency of various countries in the world instantly. Exchange cryptocurrency for the currency of various countries in the world

Withdraw cash

Withdraw funds all over the world and pay with Crypto Credit Card

Swiss license

Investor funds raised during ICO will be used by a legal entity to obtain a Swiss payment institution license in accordance with the requirements and laws on payment institutions and e-money institutions. Audit control will be conducted with legally regulated schedule by international audit bureaus



All products of our platform will be created as parts of an ecosystem. All these services together with the services of affiliate partners will be working via API. Crypto Credit Card will provide full service marketplace for our customers. Any third-party companies can connect their service to our C3 ecosystem

API Wallet

Allows developers to integrate their app into C3 enviroment through making an extension for C3 mobile banking. It is available for users to install extensions from the directory. The clients will be able to open and use any application via main user interface of our web or mobile wallet


Each third party application will be manually moderated. Each application should conform to C3 platforms requirements and guidelines. We will carefully check that a given application is bug free, secure and use-friendly

Pre-installed extensions

Multi-currency online wallet, conversion of currencies, cashback service, loan aggregator, C3X Exchange, C3 PAMM-accounts made by the C3 team