C3 loans aggregator

The app is aimed to take the entire loan borrowing process online starting from lead origination, credit evaluation, helping customers to choose the right product from the appropriate lending organization, application login, sanctions and right through loan disbursal

C3 loans aggregator

A key feature of the extension is the monitoring and aggregation of the best offers in the consumer credit and microcredit markets from international banks

How does Crypto Credit work

Cryptocurrency holders don't tend to spend their crypto assets. They are considered to be a very profitable investment now. So when they need funds for spending instead of selling their crypto assets they can take a crypto backed loan.

1. Within the C3 app the user creates separate accounts for fiat and cryptocurrencies.

2. User specifies the default fiat account for payments with the Crypto Credit Card.

3. The payment will be made in the ‘active account’ currency, which means that the user decides which account to link to the payment card for making transactions.

4. Then, the user sets the secondary account that will be used if there are no sufficient funds on the primary.

5. If that account is a cryptocurrency wallet, the system will stake the needed sum as a security for a loan in fiat instead of exchanging (selling) the crypto assets.