Sale of CCCR tokens

Token name CCCR

Blockchain platform Ethereum

Standart ERC 20

REGULATION All of the unsold tokens will be burnt

Smart contract Open, based on Ethereum blockchain

Accepted crypto currencies Ethereum and Bitcoin

Token price during crowdsale $1-2

Minimum limit of token purchase 10

Maximum limit of token purchase NO limits

CCCR Token gives access to

Loans aggregator

Our unique loan aggregator available in the C3 Wallet app is the best way to search and compare online financial products from all the top providers. It allows individuals to access loans from the comfort of their home in fiat or cryptocurrencies

Credit and cashback card

Crypto Credit Card can be issued at the price of 1 CCCR token that can be obtained for as low as $1-2 during the crowdsale

Investment Portfolio

Invest in diversified index funds and build a profitable alternative lending portfolio

Partner program

20% revenue share for members of our partner network. We will also offer embedable tools (e.g. loan search) for partners to use on their sites and apps



Demand for token will grow as the userbase expands

CCCR Tokens will be available for purchase on major exchanges and on the C3X exchange

Team tokens will be held in escrow for 6 month

Issue of the crypto credit cards will start after the closing date of I

The card issue price is $20, but for token holders - 1 CCCR

Unsold tokens

Unsold tokens during ICO will be burnt

50% of company's profit from cashback will be used to buy tokens on the exchange C3X

Distribution of tokens

55% Token sale

25% Company

10% Team

10% PR

Allocation of funds

10% Technical expenses

1% Server hosting

10% Operating cost

5% Wallet development

10% Liquidity bridge development

10% Licenses

14% Local offices and personnel

20% Access to exchanges

20% Marketing